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Hacker saved the financial company and earned $30000 as bug bounty reward.

Gokul Sudhakar the hacker from Palakkad earned the prestigious bug bounty reward.The cybersecurity enthusiast get rewarded $30000 as bug bounty for finding the security flaws in an international financial company. Gokul was a student of RedTeam Hacker Academy. He enrolled CICSA course after his engineering graduation. His achievement was a greatest encouragement for all the cybersecurity aspirants.

Muhammed Ashique, the Hacker from Kerala, holds the Harvard World Record title.

Muhammed Ashique, the 18-year-old hacker from Kerala, holds the Harvard world record title as the youngest hacker in the world. The young man achieved an esteemed record for securing over 100+ websites. Ashique was a student at RedTeam Hacker Academy, his passion for technology and security has driven him to excel in his field, and he is focused on making an even greater future. His incredible talents and dedication to his craft make him a shining example for aspiring hackers and tech enthusiasts everywhere.

Mohammed Athif the Bug Bounty Hunter who earned $3000 as reward

Mohammed Athif, bug bounty hunter earned $3000 as reward.Athif achieve this auspicious reward for finding the vulnerabilities within an insurance Company. Athif’s remarkable expertise and meticulous approach have contributed to enhancing cybersecurity measures, reinforcing the RedTeam Hacker Academy’s commitment to ethical hacking and cyber defence.

NOVELLA-OBSIDIAN won 65th position among 6482 teams in Cyber Apocalypse by Hack the Box

In a thrilling display of cybersecurity expertise, the NOVELLA-OBSIDIAN team emerged victorious in the highly competitive Cyber Apocalypse which was conducted by Hack the Box. The team, consisting of talented individuals Fazlu Rahman, Muhsin Bin Irshad, Sreehari SS, Amal PK, and Muhammed Ashique, showcased their exceptional skills and determination. Their outstanding performance earned them an impressive 65th position out of 6,482 teams and 12,552 players. Notably all the members in the team were BCA students at RedTeam Hacker Academy. This achievement highlights their ability to navigate complex challenges in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Congratulations to the NOVELLA-OBSIDIAN team on this remarkable success!

RedTeam Hacker Academy received the prestigious EC-Council award in 2022

RedTeam Hacker Academy, has recoganised with the prestigious ATC Circle of Excellence Award from Ec-Council among South Asia. The esteemed honour celebrates RedTeam’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of cybersecurity in 2022. The award serves as a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and its dedication to protecting businesses from evolving cyber threats. RedTeam vows to continue maintaining its high standards and delivering exceptional services to clients in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Hi, Myself Aparna. I'm working as a SOC Analyst in UST Cyberproof, Trivandrum. Red Team Hacker Academy paved my way easier to cybersecurity and also to fix me to this post. I came form a different domain Zoology, which is non related to IT. So I was so tensed whether I could digest these things as I don't have a IT background. Red Team Hacker Academy helped me to easily understand the topics and gave me hands on experience on the same. I am very thankful to Red Team Hacker Academy for giving me basics into cybersecurity. I also recommend the young minds to join this institute who is interested in Cyber Security, which is having a vast varieties of opportunities in the current scenario

Aparna Soc analyst

I am immensely grateful to the esteemed institute for the opportunity to complete the Certified IT Infrastructure Cyber SOC Analyst course. Their comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance have equipped me with the skills to excel in the field of cybersecurity. I am honoured to have received recognition for my achievement, and I am confident that the knowledge gained will contribute to my success as a cybersecurity professional. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to nurturing skilled analysts like myself.

Fazil . Z Network security engineer

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